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The Unblocked Movement is an initiative co-created with partners and supported by Novartis to bring patients, their loved ones, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems together in a shared mission to “unblock” barriers to heart health.


As a member of the media, you can make a difference through the Unblocked Movement. Be a change agent to drive conversations, education and awareness of CVD. Get involved and join the movement today.


Together, we can combat the worldwide impact of ASCVD and elevate it to the critical global health issue it is, so as to secure a better prognosis for people living with ASCVD. Local advocacy is vital to securing support for people living with ASCVD. Novartis is in collaboration with Global Heart Hub to drive advocacy for ASCVD with patient organizations.

The Alliance & Partnerships for Patient Innovation & Solutions (APPIS) Platform, organized and funded by Novartis, was established in 2021 to bring together a multi-stakeholder health community to transform health together by aligning on healthcare challenges and prioritizing action towards better patient outcomes in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.


For media inquiries, please contact:

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