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Unblock life’s potential with a healthier heart. We are committed to empower patients and their loved ones to take proactive steps toward better heart health.


Join the movement

Get involved and join the Unblocked Movement today. Whether you are a patient organization advocating for heart patients, a patient or have a loved one with the disease, come join us in this shared mission to unblock the barriers to better heart health. Did you know a staggering 80% of premature CV events related to heart attacks and stroke are actually preventable¹ ? Be a part of a collective voice to transform heart health in your community, in your country.


If you are interested to partner with Novartis to co-create solutions and initiatives to support ASCVD patients, contact us today.


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1. Cardiovascular diseases: Avoiding heart attacks and strokes. Available at: 2015. [Last accessed Jan 11, 2023].

Patient Advocacy

Together, we can combat the worldwide impact of ASCVD and elevate it to the critical global health issue it is, so as to secure a better prognosis for people living with ASCVD. Local advocacy is vital to securing support for people living with ASCVD. Novartis is in collaboration with Global Heart Hub to drive advocacy for ASCVD with patient organizations.

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