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Get involved and join the Unblocked Movement today for ASCVD patients. Whether you are a leading cardiologist or a general physician, come join us in this shared mission to unblock the barriers to better heart health. Be part of a collective voice to transform heart health in your community, in your country.

If you are interested to partner with Novartis to co-create solutions and initiatives to improve the standard of care for ASCVD patients, contact us today.


#CareUnblocked #Unblockhearthealth #Cholesterolmanagement #ASCVD

Check out this educational resource with all the latest research and clinical updates in the related fields of Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and Lipidology, enabling you to optimise patient care in your clinical practice.

Unblock heart health with timely medical care and treatment for ASCVD patients. We are supporting cardiologists and other physicians in their effort to treat ASCVD patients more effectively, using scientifically proven clinical guidelines by addressing non-clinical barriers.


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