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Novartis puts the spotlight on heart health through the Unblocked Movement


Novartis in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMA) embarked on a challenge with its associates across the region during the month of September to raise awareness of heart health through the Unblocked Movement initiative. 

In the lead up to World Heart Day 2023, Novartis associates were encouraged to prioritize their own heart health through a cholesterol check and to raise awareness on the importance of “unblocking” barriers to better heart health with their healthcare ecosystem partners and stakeholders. 

For a disease that is largely preventable, getting a cholesterol check is one of the first steps in minimizing the risk of developing heart problems in the future. The Unblocked Movement campaign is aimed at encouraging people to get their cholesterol checked, become more aware of their own heart health and able to live life “unblocked” with a healthy heart. This movement campaign, which is part of the larger Unblocked Movement, is further amplified online in the coming months in the region.  

The Unblocked Movement is a co-created initiative by partners and Novartis to bring patients, their loved ones, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems together in a shared mission to “unblock” barriers to heart health. Learn more about the Unblocked Movement. 

Be part of the Unblocked Movement today. Share and tag #Unblockmovement on your own social media channels today:



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