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Training to save lives

Date: 28 August 2023


A person’s chance of survival can increase dramatically from 6-74% if he/she receives help within the first five minutes of collapse from a cardiac arrest, according to Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF).


We can all play a part in raising awareness of heart health, including being equipped 

with CPR skills and be Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified to save a life in an emergency situation.


That is what a group of Novartis leaders from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region did in late August during a 4-day meeting in Singapore. They completed the CPR/AED training conducted by Singapore Heart Foundation, a partner of Novartis Singapore, committed to ensure individuals are equipped with basic life-saving skills so that more people are ready to take action in times of need.


The training is part of the Unblocked Movement, an initiative co-created with partners and Novartis to unblock barriers to better heart health, and the start of a month-long challenge for Novartis in the region with various activities to raise awareness of heart health.  


Check out the highlights of the event here.



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