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Novartis Singapore partners Singapore Heart Foundation

  • High Blood Cholesterol is amongst the top three nonoommunicable diseases (ACE.), and has the highest prevalence compared to diabetes and high blood pressure. 

  • Collaboration between Novartis Singapore and Singapore Heart Foundation will seed new initiatives to enhance education on cholesterol management and the potential risks leading to complications of heart attack and stroke. 

  • The multiyear partnership, aimed A unblocking barriers to better heart health, supports Singapore's Healthier SG strategy to place a sustained focus on 

Singapore, 1 November 2022 - Novartis Singapore (Novartis) and Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on a 3-year campaign to raise awareness of high blood cholesterol and cholesterol management amongst the general public, patients and caregivers in Singapore. In support of the Healthier SG vision, the collaboration aims to amplify education around high blood cholesterol to be recognised as an important modifiable cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor and drive a concerted effort towards preventive care. 

Under the MoU agreement - signed by Novartis Singapore Country President, Ms. Poh Hwee Tee and SHF Chief Executive Officer, Mx Vernon Nang - Novartis and SHF will join efforts to make cholesterol management a priority in the healthcare ecosystem, raise awareness and urgency amongst Singaporeans towards the severity and complications of high blood cholesterol and cholesterol management The signing ceremony, which marks the start of a multiyear strategic partnership, was witnessed by Ms. Ruth Kuguru, Executive Director Communications and Engagement, Novartis Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMA) and Dr. Bernard Kwok, SHF Board Member and Chairperson of SHF Corporate Partnership Committee. 

"High blood cholesterol A one of the fastest growing risk faAors of CVD, a leading cause of death globaltt. The urgency to address this health challenge is further intensified with Singapore's ageing population. Our collaboration with SHF comeate solutions in a sustainable manner and drive behavioural changes is part of Novartis commitment to unblock barriers to heart health., said Ms. PM. 

High Prevalence of High Blood Cholesterol in Singapore, Low to Minimal Awareness on Blood Cholesterol and Cholesterol Management 

In Singapore, 21 people die from cardiovascular disease (heart diseases and sCroke) every day. CVD is a leading cause of death in Singapore, accounting for 32% of all deaths in 2021. This means that almost 1 out of 3 deaths is due to heart disease or stroke! One of the modifiable risk factors associated with CVO A high blood cholesterol, which is amongst the top-three non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and has the highest prevalence compared to diabetes and high blood pressure.' 

According to National Population Heakh Survey 2020, the prevalence of high blood cholesterol increased from 35.5% in 2017 to 39.1% in 2020. Despite high blood cholesterol prevalence - about four in 10 Singapore residents aged 10 to 74 years had high blood cholesterol during the period of 2019 - 2020' - high blood cholesterol A still competing heavily for attention amongst priority diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and hypertension. 

Through this partnership, Novartis and SHF will jointly conduct a research to gather insights from the public, patients and caregivers to identify knowledge gaps and attitudes towards high blood cholesterol and cholesterol management. Strategies and tactics will be buik from these survey insights to include public disease awareness campaigns, development of educational materials, and launching of dialogues with key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to prioritise cholesterol management. This research is part of ongoing efforts to listen to and uplift patients' voices, which can be incorporated into the care paradigm in cholesterol management. 

The prevalence of high blood cholesterol in our population is worrying as it is a silent killer that usually does not present symptoms until a heart attack or stroke strikes. A 2021 study also found a lack of knowledge and awareness among Singaporeans, creating a barrier to effective disease control. Singapore Heart Foundation believes that providing the public with adequate knowledge of high blood cholesterol and other CVO risk factors is important in reducing disability and death from CVD. We are glad to partner with Novartis on this meaningful collaboration to raise awareness and improve cholesterol management among Singaporeans, and look forward to better preventive care for the long-term health of our population" said Dr. Kwok. 



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