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Novartis associates take on challenge to unblock heart health

As reported by BusinessMirror in the Novartis employees are unblocking the barriers that stand in the way of better heart health. Here are the excerpts of the article.

More than 18 million people die of CVDS every year. It is the leading cause of death globally. In fact, CVDS claim more lives than all cancers combined, and a staggering 34 people will have died from a heart attack or stroke in the last 60 seconds alone. CVDS are responsible for a third of deaths in the Philippines.

"To help address this major public health challenge, Novartis launched the "Unblocked movement for heart health", an initiative co-created with external stakeholders in the health-care ecosystem to transform heart health by unblocking the barriers that stand in the way of better cardiovascular health” said Joel Chong, Country President, Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Inc.

Through the Unblocked movement, Novartis aims to unblock the barriers to heart health across three key stakeholders-patients, health-care professionals and health-care systems. It will be driven by on-ground partnerships and activities in the countries where Novartis operates which involve branding, co-creation, and activation with our partners to increase awareness of CVDS and mobilize action and behavioral changes over time to prioritize heart health. As part of the Unblocked movement, Novartis associates across Asia-Pacific, Challenge. Associates of Novartis Healthcare Philippines will join their APMA colleagues in facing this friendly team-based virtual activity challenge that starts at midnight on February 20, 2023 and ends four weeks later at a minute before March 20, 2023.



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