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Heart health matters in the month of May

Date: May 2023

In celebration of May Blood Pressure Measurement Month, Novartis Singapore partnered with Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) to encourage associates to prioritize their heart health through better awareness of blood pressure monitoring. A Blood Pressure Awareness Booth was set up in the Novartis office to encourage associates to measure their blood pressure and inculcate the habit of blood pressure measurement even when at work. At the end of the month, SHF held a Blood Pressure Awareness Talk for associates to learn more about high blood pressure and its complications.


This initiative, which saw more than 80 associates, is part of Novartis Unblocked Movement in the region, to bring various stakeholders together with a common mission to “unblock” barriers to heart health.


In addition, Novartis Singapore also sponsored an event in May, themed “Smart Heart: Protecting Your Cardiovascular Health, organized by Farrer Park Hospital in partnership with SHF and Novartis. The event received 76 attendees from the public who had the opportunity to learn from specialists on common conditions such as hypertension and cholesterol management, as well as tips on managing and monitoring one’s heart health.


Learn more about heart health matters by visiting the SHF’s website or follow SHF on their Facebook and Instagram account.



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